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Power supply to around 900 households resumes

Gulmi, Aug 28: A hydro power project based at the Daram river in Gulmi has resumed operation albeit temporarily after monsoon – triggered landslide swept its dam and channel stalling its activities three weeks earlier.

The Daram Khola Micro Hydro Power Project temporarily reconstructed its dam and channel for immediate resumption of operation, according to Electricity Operation Committee’s Chairman, Dharmendra Kumar Malla.

With the resumption of the operation of the project with a total capacity to generate 85 KW power, around 900 households in ward no 2, 7 and 8 along with four wards including ward no 2 of Badigadh rural municipality in the neighboring district of Balung are able to turn on their lights.

The supply of electric power has also brought back into life the industries, factories, media outlets and the electronic gadgets used by the local villagers here. RSS