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GODAN shuts down medical services in state – run hospitals

Kathmandu – Government Doctors’ Association of Nepal (GODAN) has taken a decision on shutting down all services save the emergency services in the state – run medical institutes across the country from today.

The GODAN closed down the medical services in solidarity with Dr Govinda KC, who is on a fast – unto – death for the past 19 days with a slew of demands including the passage of TU Teaching Hospital Medical Education Bill.

The GODAN held an emergency meeting on Thursday and took the decision to boycott all services save the emergency services at the government hospitals. The Association had been launching phase – wise agitation earlier.

GODAN Chairman Dr Dipendra Pandey said in a statement that doctors would provide Out – Patient Department (OPD) services for patients admitted in the hospitals within the hospital premises by management of necessary outdoor infrastructure.

The Association has urged the doctors to provide the OPD services within the hospital premises, but at an outdoor infrastructure and by using white paper for writing.

It has accused the government of holding sporadic dialogues for sake of formality and remaining apathetic towards Dr KC’s demands.

GODAN has said that Nepal Government will be held responsible for all the unease that will follow its decision to shut down medical services at the state – owned medical institutes.