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ताजा, शुलभ, निष्पक्ष

Mahayagya at Pashupati for casting Lord Shiva idol at Devghatdham

Kathmandu, March 12: Preparation is being made to organise Mahayagya in the federal capital, Kathmandu, for the collection of metals in the making of 30-feet tall idol of Lord Shiva. 

The metal collection initiative is to be placed to enhance religious tourism at Devghatdham, one of the prime holy shrines of Hindu religious people, in Chitwan. 

Preparation has been intensified to organise the ‘Pashupati Mahamahotsav and Eight Metal Collection Shreemudbhagawat Birat Gyan Mahayagya’ from April 14. 



It is taking place at Hamshsmandap in Pashupatinath, informed Keshab Pandey, coordinator of main organising committee. At an interaction with journalists on Monday, he expressed confidence that the installation of Lord Shiva bust at Devghatdham, the treasure of the country, would contribute to increase religious tourism. 

The Mahayagya event is expected to collect octo-alloy (Asthadhatu) worth amounting to Rs 50 million. The bust of the Lord Shiva is being crafted with the composition of silver, gold, copper, bronze, lead, iron, brass and chares. 

The campaign which was initiated three years back has so far gathered 70 quintals of metals and cash of Rs 3.2 million. RSS