मकालु खबर
ताजा, शुलभ, निष्पक्ष

Teku Hospital says COVID-19 patients likely to get discharge within few days

The Teku-based Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Control Hospital is planning to discharge COVID-19 patients in few days. As Hospital Director Dr Sagar Rajbhandari said, two patients would be getting discharge within the next few days and health condition of the infected is normal now.  

”We are waiting for their final test report and if the reports come negative, they will be sent homes.” Nine people suspected of contracting the virus were admitted to the hospital and of them two were tested positive and the reports of remaining seven tested negative.  

However, the seven are still required to stay in the hospital due to several reasons. At present, the Hospital faces no shortage of workforce and medical equipment necessary in the treatment of COVID-19. The Hospital has been declared the COVID Dedicated Hospital and it has been witnessing a relatively lower flow of patients during lockdown.  

Patients of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases have been referred to other health facilities, according to Dr Rajbhandari. However, the Hospital continues the rabies vaccination schedule amidst the crisis. These days, some 70 people visited the hospital for rabies vaccination.  

The Hospital has five isolation wards and 30 quarantine chambers. Preparations for establishing 25 isolation and 20 ICU rooms are going on. The ICU rooms will have oxygen plant facility. It was the first hospital across the country which first had started COVID-19 test and treatment. The first patient who had returned home from Wuhan, China: the epicenter of coronavirus has been already cured.