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Ilam produces milk worth Rs 5 billion

Ilam, Aug 19: Ilam, a frontrunner district in dairy production, has produced 123,740 metric tonnes of milk in the last fiscal year.
The District Livestock Office, Ilam, said that the milk production increased by 1.8 per cent year on year in 2073/074 BS. The milk production increased after the farmers’ resorted to commercial cow farming.
Increased attraction towards pastoral farming, more government investment and breed improvement of the animals through artificial insemination (AI) and improved fodders have contributed to rise in milk production.
During the review period, the district earned Rs 4.7 billion plus amount from the sale of milk. More than 55,000 farmers in the district have reared cows and buffaloes commercially.
The dairy industries, cooperative organizations and some industries purchase the milk produced in the district’s rural areas for producing various dairy products. The milk produced in Ilam is exported to Jhapa, Itahari, Biratnagar and other areas in the region.