मकालु खबर
ताजा, शुलभ, निष्पक्ष

Saptari inundated, schools to remain shut for four days

Rajbiraj (Saptari), August 12: Floods triggered by incessant rains in Saptari have thrown the normal life out of gear, inundating settlements, damaging roadways, causing soil erosion in some areas. This has directly affected over 70 thousand population.
Dozers were used to make openings on roads inside the Rajbiraj Municipality to drain out the flood waters, the Rajbiraj Municipality said.
Schools to be closed for four days
Following the flood havoc, all district-based schools are to remain close for four days from Sunday to Wednesday, it is said.
The local administration has distributed foodstuffs (beaten rice and snacks) to the people of Rajbiraj Municipality-9, the most affected area, some other wards and rural areas.
Dams along the Mohuli and Khando rivers suffered damages at some points Saturday too, increasing the risk of disaster in nearby settlements. The Khando River flood has inundated the Gajendra Narayan Singh Industrial Corridor. RSS