मकालु खबर
ताजा, शुलभ, निष्पक्ष

Policy on science, technology and innovation discussed

Lalitpur, March 15: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defense Iswor Pokharel has said the human resources available in the sector science and technology should be utilized for improvement of people’s lives. 

He said this at a national conference organised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to elicit inputs on the draft of Science, Technology ad Innovation Policy-2075. 

“Let the available human resources be capitalised for materialising government’s campaign ‘Happy Nepali and Prosperous Nepal’ to improve lives of the people”, he added. 



Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Academy for Science and Technology (NAST) Sunil Babu Shrestha said there is no policy clarity on implementing public private partnership at three tiers of governments. 

Prof Dr Janardan Lamichhane of the Kathmandu University said there were changes in science and technology related policy and strategy to align the federal democratic republic system. 

Likewise, National Planning Commission (NPC) member Dr Usha Jha expressed concern over inadequate collaboration between the concerned agencies on research. 

Education Secretary Krishna Raj BC said the industrial innovation would increase Nepal’s gross domestic product. 

Various experts attending the conference recommended to further improve the draft prepared by a nine-member task force. 

The draft has defined innovation as a prime basis to materialise the national dream to propel rapid economic development and advance progressive society. 

The draft has called for putting the scientific and technological innovation on top priority and flowing adequate investment for its advancement. It has also stressed on the need to enable environment to make the genius of this sector more proactive and inspiring. 

Nepal’s first National Science and Technology Policy was formulated in 2046 BS. The policy was reformed in 2061 BS and this is the new policy in the field of science, technology and innovation. RSS