Cricket craze in Dhangadhi

March 24, Dhangadhi : With the rise in cricket activities, the Province-7 headquarters, Dhangadhi, has gained popularity as a hub for cricket.

Of late, thousands of spectators have been associated to the cricket game in Dhangadhi. Number of cricketers and spectators has also gradually gone up by breaking the taboo that cricket players are ‘fool’ and spectators are ‘big fool’.

“”The trend of One-Day and 20/20 cricket matches however has invariably warranted such stereotypes in cricket””, said Dharam Khadka, former cricketer.

The growing attraction to the cricket has also spurred the number of cricket matches and events in Dhangadhi. Various cricket championships including women cricket tournament have been held in the Province.

Recently women cricket tournament having so far the highest cash prize was held at Attariya of Kailali. Likewise, several competitions are taking place at youth club and school level. Giving high priority, some of the schools have kept cricket as the most wanted extra-curricular activities and appointed cricket coach to promote the sport.

All these recent developments have opened up several avenues for the commercial advancement of cricket in Dhangadhi.

So far the Province-7 has given birth to several national and international crickets. Among the noted cricketers are Bhuwan Karki, Sunil Dhamala, Raju Rijal, Deependra Singh Eiri. Binod Bhandari, Naresh Budhaeir, Pradeep Eiri, Chandra Saud, Lalit Singh Bhandari and Dilipnath.  (RSS) Siddaraj Bhatta,


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