NC leader announces building 300 houses for marginalized people

Gulmi, Sept 24 (RSS): Nepali Congress (NC) central member Chandra Bhandari has announced to present houses to the marginalized Bote, Majhi and Dalit settlements scattered in different parts of the district.
Leader Bhandari made this announcement during a meeting with the district-based government office chiefs at headquarters Tamghas.
Bhandari, also a parliamentarian from Gulmi Constituency-2, said the construction of houses will start from Dashain festival.

The houses will be constructed and handed over to the marginalized castes and groups, Kumal, Dalit and Bote/Majhi of Bamgha, Chorkate, Hunga, Rupakot, Balithum, Kamitaxar and Musikot, among others, Bhandrai shared.
He further informed that the construction of 150 houses is underway at marginalized settlement in Bamgha and Balithum and the construction of 300 houses has also taken strides.


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