Dengue cases rising in Dang, 5 infected

Dang, Aug 26: Dengue fever is gripping in Dang district with at least five people recently diagnosed with the fever in various parts of the district.

According to Dr Subodh Kumar Sharma of Tulsipur based City Hospital, people come with complaints such as fever, nausea, and aches and some of such patients have been diagnosed with dengue in the course of treatment.
Of the infected locals, four are female while one is male.
Dr Sharma further shared that, two women have already returned home after treatment while other three are receiving treatment in the hospital.
Dr Sharma added that they have already received 13 cases of dengue in the district.
The disease is transmitted through the bite of the mosquito of the female mosquito (Aedes aegypti). High fever, headache, rashes in the body and body ache are symptoms of the disease. RSS


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