Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party to engage in rescue and relief works

Kathmandu, Aug 15: The Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party Nepal has expressed sorrow over the huge loss of life and property in various districts due to the floods and inundation in the aftermath of the incessant rains since some days.
The party, issuing a press release on Monday, urged all sides to extend support to the rescue and relief of the disaster victims. It stated that thousands of people have been affected due to the inundation of many settlements in the Tarai-Madhes owing to the road and dams constructed on the Nepal-India border.
The party has also directed its district committees, sister organizations, all central office-holders, members and well-wishers to be engaged in the rescue and relief of the flood-affected people.
Party chairman Badri Neupane said the party has also drawn the serious attention of the government to provide food, shelter, potable water and medicines to the flood victims.
Noting that the high roads, dams and embankments constructed by India in the border areas have resulted in more inundation towards the Tarai area in Nepal, the party urged the government to immediately take the initiatives through the diplomatic channel with India to remove such structures. RSS


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