Water flow in Narayani River recedes

Nawalparasi, August 14: The looming risks caused by the Narayani River have been averted for the moment with the fall in water flow.
The water current at Gandak Barrage across the Narayani River is gradually decreasing after opening of all the sluice gates of the barrage.
The chief district officer, Uday Bahadur Rana informed that the water current has gone down below the alarming sign since this morning.

Earlier, the water flow in the river had crossed the alarming sign and reached to 7.3 metres which is now reduced to 5.86 metres, according to CDO Rana.
The alarm bell rings when the water flow crosses over 8.4 metres in the Narayani River.
Though, the daily life of the general public is getting slightly normal with the decline in water current, authority has alerted them to be alerted as they were facing inundation in most of the parts in the district for few days.
According to police, different wild animals including deer, boars are found dead in the river side.
However, a rhino which was swept away by the river has successfully escaped at Thokar. RSS


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