CCTV installed along biological corridor in Chitwan

Ratnagar (Chitwan), August 9: CCTV cameras have been installed along the biological corridor inside Tikauli forest in Chitwan, in a bid to monitor and conserve wildlife. Camera-trapping method is being used to monitor the movements and human activities against wild animals, said Chief of the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), Sauraha Dr Chiranjibi Pokharel.
A total of 32 cameras have been installed at 16 different locations in the area which is located between Bharatpur Metropolitan City and Ratnagar Municipality. Vehicles are barred from making a stop at the area, meaning to protect wild animals. A temporary security post has also been set up.

“”Movements of wild animals in the area, and effects of human and passing vehicles on them will be studied,”” he said. This is the first incident of the monitoring of movements of wild animals through camera-trapping method, said Information Officer at the Chitwan National Park Nurendra Aryal.
The monitoring has been launched in cooperation with the CNP, the NTNC, the District Forest Office, local community forest and Barandabhar forest users group. RSS


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