Udyapyur’s District Hospital doctors on Dashain leave, patients deprived of treatment

Patients visiting the District Hospital Udaypur based in Bokse, looking for treatment have been deprived of the service as hospital doctors are on the Dashain leave for over a week.

Hospital Chief Dr Mahesh Khanal, gynecologist Dr Phadindra Badal and Dr Amitabh Thakaur who took the Dashain leave a week ago are yet to return to work. At this backdrop, patients are compelled to travel to outside the district in search of treatment, service seekers and locals complained.
There is a provision that internal arrangements be in place so that service delivery at the sensitive areas like hospital and security remain unaffected during festivals.

According to local Mohan Basnet, maternity services at the hospital have remained completely closed throughout the Dashain.
One Ambar Bahadur Magar of Saune, Triyuga Municipality- 15 said he recently took his family member to the hospital for delivery, but none was there to render services. At such emergency time, we had no option to rushing her to the Siraha-based private hospital by spending over Rs 50 thousands, he shared the compulsion.
Only employees of assistant levels are currently available at the hospital. They said they were informed by the upper level that doctors would return to duty only after the Dashain festival.

Concern of the locals that hospital senior staff are on the Dashain leave without internal arrangements so that service delivery could be regular, making them compelled rush to outside the district– either Biratnagar, Lahan or Dharan- in need and during emergency.


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